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Main Lines of Activities

PRIOR's strategy is based on combining several lines of activity, both online and offline.

Online activity

The online activity is related to the use and expansion of the functional capacities of the Russia Development Gateway (RuDG). The RuDG Portal represents a multidimensional and multifunctional information system, which allows completing the following tasks:

  • Accumulate and efficiently utilize expert knowledge and practical information related to the use of the ICT in various spheres of human activity;
  • Provide and support an environment for interaction and cooperation among the Partnership's participants and serve as an open forum for discussions, opinion exchange and resolving the conflict of interests; and
  • Organize various online services for users and clients of RuDG, such as forums, consulting centers, market place, virtual learning environment, digital libraries, etc.

Offline activity

These activities are directed at development and support of the online functions and services of the RuDG through specific offline actions. At the same time, various kinds of offline activities, corresponding to PRIOR's mission, will be utilized by the RuDG. These activities include the following:

  • Informational, analytical, and consulting services, which are aimed at providing high-quality expert knowledge and services for ICT application for development using the potential of the Partnership;
  • Development of recommendations for improving the policy and legislative framework to facilitate the development of the Information Society in Russia. These suggestions would take into account opinions of the key players in the field of e-Development;
  • Innovative activities, which are related to supporting promising projects in the sphere of ICT use for development in the sectors of prime importance;
  • Publishing and awareness raising activities intended to promote the potential of ICT for development and explanation of the advantages of living and working in the Information Society; and
  • Public activity directed at forming a nationwide partnership and an open forum on the issues of e-Development.

At the moment, PRIOR activity includes three major specific programs:

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