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Memorandum on the Creation of the Russian e-Development Partnership

Approved by PRIOR Organizational Conference
Moscow, November 29, 2001

1. General Assumptions

The public Russian e-Development Partnership (hereinafter referred to as the Partnership or PRIOR [Abbreviation PRIOR comes from the Russian name of the organization - P artnerstvo dlya R azvitiya I nformatsionnogo O bshestva v R ossii]) is as part of the Russia Development Gateway Project, which is supported by the info Dev Program of the World Bank. 

2. Goals and Objectives

2.1. PRIOR is a voluntary association of legal entities and individuals sharing the following goals: contributing to Russia's e-Development through forming equitable partnerships between all the participants of the development process – the state, business, nonprofit sector, research and educational community, sponsor and investors – in order to help bridge the digital divide in Russia and facilitate the development of a Knowledge Economy.

2.2. To achieve the above goals, the following objectives have been set: to build partnership between key driving forces of the e-Development process - government, business, civil society, research and education community, sponsors and investors; to perform targeted activities aimed at reducing digital divide and fostering a Knowledge Economy in Russia. 

3. Basic Principles 

3.1. The basic principles of forming PRIOR are as follows:

  • Partnership – Unifying efforts to achieve goals and objectives of PRIOR; synthesizing ideas, providing mutual informational, technological, consultative, financial, organizational and other support;
  • Openness - the opportunity to freely join PRIOR or withdraw from it; the transparency of decision making and implementation;
  • Holistic approach - the reliance on a general strategy, reflecting the global development trends, the philosophy of the Development Gateway Program, and the priorities of the Russian national government policy;
  • Sustainability - the ability to generate and implement ideas that appeal to sponsors and investors; integration and redistribution of the partners' own resources; providing products and services demanded by the society; and
  • Ownership - the right of every participant making contribution to PRIOR activities to openly declare their input, to use the common brand, to participate in strategic and organizational decision-making, including decisions related to administrative and resource allocation issues.

4. Participation 

4.1. Any legal entity or individual sharing the Partnership's goals and objectives can become a Participant of PRIOR upon signing this Memorandum or a Declaration on joining PRIOR. 

5. Rights and Obligations 

5.1. In order to achieve PRIOR goals and objectives, Participants strive to complete the following: Put forth their best efforts to facilitate PRIOR's sustainable development;

  • Fulfill obligations voluntarily taken upon themselves regarding the Partnership;
  • Facilitate the creation of charity and other foundations as well as other legal entities necessary to support the Partnership's activities;
  • Contribute to the popularization of the Partnership's activities. 

5.2. The Participants have the rights to:

  • Use resources and services created as a result of the Partnership's work free of charge or at a discount;
  • Participate in events conducted by the Partnership or organized with its assistance;
  • Make suggestions related to the Partnership's activities to be considered by PRIOR organizational and administrative bodies;
  • Elect and to be elected to organizational and administrative bodies of the Partnership; and
  • Obtain any information regarding the Partnership's activities.

6. Withdrawal from the Partnership 

6.1. A Participant can unilaterally withdraw from the Partnership. A declaration (notification) of the withdrawal from the Partnership signifies of a refusal to observe provisions of this Memorandum and does not require any special agreements. 

7. Collegiate Governing Bodies 

7.1. The organizational, administrative and advisory bodies of the Partnership are as follows:

  • Supervisory Board;
  • Coordinating Board;
  • Expert Council;
  • Coordinating Organization;
  • Regional Coordinating Organizations.

7.1.1. The Supervisory Board is established to guarantee public support of the Partnership's activity as well as to ensure general control and supervision of the Partnership's activities.

7.1.2. The Coordinating Board is established to provide PRIOR strategic management and represents the main administrative body of the Partnership. The decisions made by the Coordinating Board are obligatory for all the elements of PRIOR organizational structure.

7.1.3. The Expert Council is established for the purpose of providing consulting services for PRIOR Supervisory and Coordinating Boards.

7.2. The work of PRIOR Supervisory and Coordinating Boards and of the Expert Council is regulated by respective Charters approved by PRIOR Organizational Conference.

8. Coordinating Organization

8.1. According to the decision made at PRIOR Organizational Conference, administrative and operational functions are assigned to a nonprofit Coordinating Organization, which is a legal entity in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. In the future, the Coordinating Board can adopt a decision to transfer the responsibilities of the Coordinating Organization to another legal entity or to found a new legal entity for this function, if necessary.

9. PRIOR Period of Operation

9.1. The Partnership is established for an indefinite period. The Partnership's operations can be discontinued on the basis of a decision made by PRIOR Supervisory Board.

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